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We are working to strengthen the pipeline of new innovative cleantech startups in the Nordic region. To learn more about this space we present reports highlighting the startup scene in the Nordics. Please download these free reports to learn more:

Nordic Cleantech Open Top 25, 2014 (PDF)
Nordic Cleantech Open Top 25, 2012 (PDF)
Nordic Cleantech Open Top 25, 2011 (PDF)


The jury and advisors are all in a position to help companies accelerate their growth and are willing to share their experience in business, industry, management, science, marketing and finance with you.

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Nordic Cleantech Open 2014/15. Applications are open!

The web page is not yet fully updated and we have not started the launching campaign but the application form is up and running and you are welcome to apply.


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Written by Olof

The Winners of the Nordic Cleantech Open 2013/14

The battle for the gold and silver placement came to be between Sweden’s leading university towns, or more specifically between Disruptive Materials from Uppsala and Cyclicor from Lund. Both companies presented revolutionary solutions within material science. All three top placements was given to Swedish companies as Stockholm based Ecofective was awarded third prize.
Prizes were handed [...]


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Written by Olof

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