The top 10 Nordic Cleantech Open finalists

Finaly the time has come to reveal the top 10 Nordic Cleantech Open companies. These ten selected will be presenting their cases at the European Cleantech Forum in Stockholm on the 19th of May.  It has not been an easy task for the jury since there were so many good companies applying but here it is; the one and only, very out most best ten of the Nordic cleanech Startups:


Arsizio has come up with nothing less than a whole new production method; dynamic 3D-extrusion. The method enables; 10-50% savings in material, weight & energy, 10-20% higher efficiency in heat-transfer & solar-energy uptake and 20-80% lower production costs. The method is 100% compatible with existing production lines.

ATC Industrial Group / Scypho and
ATC has developed Scypho, a self- learning system for indoor climate control. Without changing their behaviour homeowners can save up to 30% energy while at the save time comfort is improved. Scypho is a self- learning the system that knows when to start the heating or cooling in order to provide the ideal temperature when a person arrive home. When people are away and during the night, Scypho regulates the temperature to maximize energy savings.

BioCover has developed the SyreN systems for application of slurry to farmland. The SyreN system uses the technique of acidification (sulphuric acid) to change ammonia (gas) to ammonium (salt) during application of slurry. This reduces the emission of ammonia with up to 70% eliminating airborne eutrophication. The solutions developed by BioCover are turning a pollution problem of global scale into a profitable fertilizing solution.

CrayoNano is developing optoelectronic epiwafers and devices based on semiconductor nanowires on graphene. The result is a flexible and extremely thin and lightweight epiwafer able to produce or emit large amounts of energy from a small area using less material. Today’s flexible electrodes are made of organic compositions, with significant lower efficiency and robustness.

Cyclicor has developed a technology platform that makes it possible to remove all isocyanates from the production of polyurethanes and all bisphenols from the production of polycarbonates. Via a new simple and cost competitive chemical synthesis pathway Cyclicor has the ability to produce bio and non-biobased polycarbonates for a range of consumer and industrial applications.

Disruptive Materials
Disruptive Materials has invented a new material named UpsaliteTM. Upsalite is a mesoporous form of magnesium carbonate with extraordinary properties. To mention a few, Upsalite has the best moisture adsorption capability in the world and at the same time low temperature regeneration. Upsalite´s unique properties have a huge impact on energy efficiency in dehumidifiers, dishwashers, HVAC systems, etc.

Ecofective supplies an energy and cost saving solution for existing buildings. The system collects and measures data to determine the buildings thermal behaviour and then influence the existing HVAC system to consider available free heat and adjusting for optimum energy use and indoor climate. The payback time for customers is within 2 heating seasons.

Giamag Technologies
Based on unique and patented technology, Giamag Technologies designs and develops magnet systems and devices, which produce very strong magnetic forces. The patented magnet design constitutes the strongest magnetic separation technology on the market, with a broad range of possible applications within e.g. life science, medtech, automotive, aerospace, mining, and IT.

Optistring Technologies
Optistring develops a novel inverter technology for grid connected photovoltaic installations. The module level electronics increase the energy harvest, up to 25%, in the final PV installation. The Optistring technology is the combination of all the different competing alternatives advantages to a cost level similar to that of the simplest and cheapest inverters.

Tamturbo’s oil free turbo compressors meet the needs of the most demanding process applications such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics and paper. In these processes any risk of oil contamination must be excluded. Compared to any other known solution Tamturbo’s compressors offer the most advanced solutions for compressed air free of oil.

Press release in English

Press release in Swedish



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Nordic Cleantech Venture Capital Guide, Now for sale!

We are now marketing a new tool that will help cleantech entrepreneurs attract investments. The top 25 Nordic Cleantech Open companies have already got a prescription of the tool as part of their winnings. Now all have to opportunity to use it. The tool consists of three features all designed to evaluate and improve the company in order to enhance chances to attract investments. It’s easy, for more details regarding the features read here or visit the webpage to get your access. In no time, you will take one big step closer to securing an investment for your cleantech company. Click the picture to go to the Nordic Cleantech Venture Capital Guide web page

Skarmavbild 2014-03-17 kl. 11.09.56

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The Nordic Cleantech Open top 25 report – ready for download

The Nordic Cleantech Open Top 25 report 2013/14 has now been send for print. A Pdf version is availible for download here.


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New date for Nordic Cleantech Showcase in Paris – 29 April

There is a new date for this event and there will soon be a program as well.

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Swedish press release for top 25

Get the press release in Swedish here.

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Whats Next? – Nordic Cleantech Open Top 25

We are very proud to present the top 25 Nordic Cleantech start-ups.

This third edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open competition saw a record breaking 107 cleantech companies applying. An international jury of more than 50 influential representatives from multinational companies and venture capital have been involved in selecting this year’s top 25. Among the jury members are representatives from International Finance Corporation – IFC (Int), IdInvest Partners (France), Evonik Corporate Venturing (Germany), General Electric, Veolia (France), Tsing Capital (China), Dow Chemicals (Switzerland), Fortum (Finland), Grundfos (Denmark), The Swedish Energy Agency and others.

“The Nordic Cleantech Open is always a great opportunity to discover new and innovative  companies from Scandinavia. This year’s cohort is diverse and promising, we are very much looking forward to meeting with the entrepreneurs.” Says Julien Mialaret, Investment Manager at Idinvest Partners, France.

This year Estonia was invited to participate in the competition and what a first year they had! With 11 companies entering, two of them made it to the top 25. Sweden, as previous years, had the most entrants and the biggest share of the top 25 as well. Norway had the best results in terms of share of entrants that made it to the top 25.

”We see an ever increasing flow of brilliant, innovative companies coming out of the Nordic and Estonian innovation systems. This is what’s next! It is a great display of what the future holds. Trends that we see is that they are increasingly innovative, solves real industry problems and are driven by younger and more hungry teams. This bodes well for the future”, says Magnus Agerström, Managing Director of Cleantech Scandinavia – organisers of the Nordic Cleantech Open.

The selection of the top 25 is just the beginning for these companies. An intensive program lies ahead. 8-9th March the international jury and the companies will meet for a weekend at Nordic Camp at Trolleholm Castle. In April a group of the companies will go to Paris to meet with European investors and industrials at the Nordic Cleantech Showcase. The winners will be announced at the finals in Stockholm, May 19th.

Read the full press release here. Read more about the top 25 companies here.

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The Jury did a good job!

All jury votes have now been collected. In total there were 1318 assessments of companies done by the jury members. This is a substansial increase since last batch where we “only” recived 1124 votes. This means that although the number of applicants have increased, each company has still been assessed by at least 11 different jury members. As each assessment consists of grades in 3 cathegorys this meens no less that 3954 individual votes! And the results… Well you have to wait until 25 February to know becase that will be the date we go public with the 2013/14 top 25 Nordic Cleantech Open companies.

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All top 25 companies recive free Cleantech Venture Guide package.

All the top 25 Nordic Cleantech Open companies 2013/14 will be receiving a free subscription package to the Cleantech Venture Guide. This guide is a brand new online subscription tool for cleantech companies seeking venture financing. The package consists of three main parts. Firstly a guide on how it all works, an ABC on venture financing. How do you write a one pager, how do you pitch successfully, how do you approach valuation of your company, what should be in a shareholder agreement. Practical stuff you will need to know gathered in one easily accessible place. Second part is a search function where you can search for appropriate investors. The register contains almost 100 investors active within Nordic cleantech and is fully searchable. Third part is a test of investability. We have developed the The KeyStone Compact Light™ test together with Professor of Engineering and Entrepreneurship at University of Michigan Peter Adraens. The test will be a good help not only to see whether your company is a relevant venture case or not but also to see what changes is needed in order for it to be so and to determine whether it should be. The top 25 companies will be asked to do the test as preparation for the Nordic Camp at Trolleholm castle. At the castle Peter will hold a session together with them, discussing the results.

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Over 100 applicants!

It was a great joy coming to work this sunny Monday morning as the weekend have seen an incredible inflow of applications to the Nordic Cleantech Open. Already last week applications were pouring in but the weekend by far surpassed our highest expectations. We have not yet come up with the final number but we know for a fact that there are more than 100 applicants. This is more than any previous editions of the competition. Also the quality of the applicants looks very high at a first glance. More updates later on.

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Corporate Cleantech Venture Day and Country event in Estonia

We are just home from Corporate Cleantech Venture Day in Lahti. This was a truly great event and no less than 7 applicants to the Nordic Cleantech Open pitched their companies to the investors in the audience. Participating NCO companies were SootTech, Knycer, Ecofective and Optistring from Sweden, Resen Waves and Alpha-E from Denmark and IoT Technologies from Estonia. In addition there were also two alumni finalists from previous editions of the Nordic Cleantech Open on stage, these were Finnish companies Zenrobotics and Enevo.

We rounded of the week with a Nordic Cleantech Open country event in Tallinn. At both events we met up with plenty of Finnish and Estonian companies all eager to join the Nordic Cleantech Open challenge. What can we say, the more the merrier!

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