Malmö Cleantec City Day

Early entrants to the competition have be offered to pitch their solutions to the jury and audience at this event in Malmö 9 December.

The result is a great event with 20 pitching companies, a great panel for the companies competing in Malmö Cleantech City Award and a very interesting afternoon with a Smart City topic where, among other things, the leading city in this area, Santander will present their approach to the topic.

The full program cam be seen here.

Register to this free event here.

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Press release regarding cooperation with WWF Climate Solvers (In Swedish)

PRESSMEDDELANDE 26 november 2016

Klimatentreprenörer från Norden kan nu söka till WWF Climate Solvers

WWFs Climate Solvers, utmärkelsen som uppmärksammar och lyfter klimatinnovationer i kampen mot global uppvärmning, öppnar nu upp för ansökningar från entreprenörer i andra nordiska länder. Genom ett nytt partnerskap med Cleantech Scandinavia sker Climate Solvers i samband med Nordic Cleantech Open. Klimatentreprenörer uppmanas att ansöka senast den 13 december i år.

–       Vi söker innovatörer som kan minska koldioxidutsläppen radikalt och öka tillgången till hållbara energilösningar för fattigare samhällen runt om i världen. Entreprenörer med lösningar men som har svårt att nå ända fram på grund av att de saknar investerare eller bromsas av nationella eller internationella policies. Det är där Climate Solvers kommer in, säger Stefan Henningsson, Senior Rådgivare Klimatinnovationer  på Världsnaturfonden WWF och projektledare för Climate Solvers.

Climate Solvers startades i Sverige 2008 för att lyfta och uppmärksamma innovativa talanger med kommersiella lösningar och potential för att minska de globala koldioxidutsläppen. Idag finns Climate Solvers i Kina, Indien och Sydafrika – och genom samarbetet med Nordic Cleantech Open nu även i Danmark, Norge och Finland. Små och medelstora företag i dessa länder kan nu ansöka till tävlingen fram till den 13 december.

–       Rapporter som Global Cleantech Innovation Index visar att alla nordiska länder är starka nav för startups, där många innovativa miljöteknikföretag med stor global potential finns. En gemensam utmaning för den nordiska regionen är att hitta sätt att snabbare kommersialisera dessa innovationer, säger  Stefan Henningsson.

Om Climate Solvers:

Climate Solver skapades av Världsnaturfonden WWF år 2008 för att uppmärksamma klimatinnovationer  som kraftigt kan minska energiförbrukning och koldioxidutsläpp eller bidra till ökad tillgång på förnybar energi i utvecklingsländer. Programmet identifierar barriärer och ger stöd till deltagande företag så att deras lösningar kan nå ut till världens marknader och göra riktig nytta för klimatet. Förutom i Sverige, har Climate Solver sedan tidigare närvaro i länder som Kina, Indien och Sydafrika.

Inför klimatförhandlingarna i Paris har Climate Solvers initierat ett globalt Entrepreneurs Call for Climate Action and COP21. Det är nu påskrivet av 105 VDar i bolag med bas i Indien, Sydafrika, Tyskland, Kina, USA, Japan, Kanada, Storbrittanien, Mexiko, Frankrike, Italien, Danmark, Finland, Norg, Sverige, Holland, Zimbabwe, Kroatien, Costa Rica, Estland, Uganda, Chile och Rwanda. Uppropet stöttas av 20 internationella organisationer, se

Läs mer om Nordic CleanTech Open och Climate Solver:

För mer information, kontakta:

Barbara Eveaus, Senior Communications Manager, 0703- 939030,

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The Jury of Malmö Cleantech City Award public

Today we publicly announce the jury of Malmö Cleantech City Award. This is an amazing jury with relevant people from almost all major actors active in the building and real-estate industry in Southern Sweden (and many of them globally). Even more names will be added.

Se the jury list here.

If you have a solution targeting these actors and want to present it to them nothing could be easier. Just apply to Nordic Cleantech Open/Malmö Cleantech City Award/WWF Climate Solvers and you will be offered a pitch slot at Malmö Cleantech City Day 9/12. But do not hesitate there are limited pitch slots.

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Nordic Power Converters starts deliveries

Cleantech Scandinavia Top-25 startups are better startups – We have the proff! Another indication is the news we just recived from Nordic Power Convertors:

With the $2M investment secured during the summer, Nordic Power Converters have shifted a gear or two up. The company have entered the first contract to deliver 50.000 LED drivers to HeSaLight. The team have expanded to 11 full time employees that are now working hard to get the first product out.

Nordic Power Convertors were the no.1 winner of last round of Nordic Cleantech Open.

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Fourdeg receives funding and wins more awards

Cleantech Scandinavia Top-25 startups are better startups – We have the proff! Another indication is the news we just recived from Fourdeg:

1.       Fourdeg financing round is now completed. Fourdeg raised 250 000 € private financing from Finnish venture capitalist and business angels on Oct 21st 2015. After the successful piloting period during winter 2014/2015 the raised financing will now enable Fourdeg to start shipping the pre-orders to customers and further develop the business in Scandinavia.
2.       Fourdeg has won two major startup events during 2015. On October 23rd 2015 Fourdeg won KasvuOpen startup growth planning competition among over 300 startups in Jyväskylä Finland. On May 27th 2015 Fourdeg won the Arctic15 pitching competition in Helsinki Finland.

Fourdeg is Espoo Finland based smart heating startup making better quality heating with less energy, currently specializing on district heating. The solution is based on internet of things architecture and smart energy efficiency algorithms cloud software.

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Press release WWF Climate Solvers call for action

Here is the press release from WWF regarding our cooperation. See also the text on our web page and on Climate Solvers web page.

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WWF Climate Solver and Nordic Cleantech Open in new cooperation

When we talk to entrepreneurs and tell them the benefits of applying to Nordic Cleantech Open we often hear that it sounds all great but they do not have the time to enter all these competitions. This is why we think it makes sense to join forces with other initiatives. This year we join forces with non-less than the WWF Climate Solver initiative. is a climate innovations portal developed by WWF. The objective is to strengthen the development and to increase the use of transformative technologies, which have a great potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase energy access around the globe. All Nordic Cleantech Open applicants from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway now have the opportunity to also become WWF Climate Solver entrepreneurs 2016 with the same application.

  • Yes that is correct, by applying to the Nordic Cleantech Open you also apply to WWF Climate Solvers if you are eligible!


We are very happy about this solution and think it will strengthen both initiatives and, more importantly, make things easier for the entrepreneurs.

Already last year we cooperated with Malmö Cleantech City Award and this cooperation continues. The Jury for this years Malmö Cleantech City Award includes most important real estate actors in southern Sweden and again: It is the same application!

This means that by applying to Nordic Cleantech Open you also, if eligible, apply to both these two great initiatives.

We are very proud and honoured to have set up cooperation with WWF Climate Solvers and it feels great to be able to include the panda logo in our communication from now on.

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Applications are now open

We have now opened applications for the fifth round of Nordic Cleantech Open. Applicants are wellcome,

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Denmark wins the Nordic Cleantech Open finals 2014

First prize winner of the fourth year of Nordic Cleantech Open is Nordic Power Converters who’s technology cuts the size of a power converters to a fifth and the cost in half while increasing lifespan 2-5 times. The company’s first focus will be on better LED power converters, where the products will be on the market by the start of 2016. Second prize-winner is RecondOil. The company offers a closed loop that makes it is possible to extend the life of lube oil almost endlessly. This enables the same oil to be sold over and over again, in a fully circular economy. Winner of the third prize is Wirepas that is all about uncompromised low power wireless networking for connecting things. It is a solution enabling reliable and deterministic performance with scale up to millions of nodes without regression.

Download the press release here, press release in Swedish here.

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Top 25 companies on top 33 list

We would like to congratulate Disruptive Materials and Orbital Systems as they are on this years edition of the top 33 list of hot new Swedish technology companies that was published today.

For new Swedish technology companies the most well known top list to be on is unfortunately not the Nordic Cleantech Open top 25 (we are working on it but not there yet). Instead the most spread and well known list is the top 33 published by Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden. On the latest issue of this list published yesterday you find both Disruptive Materials and Orbital Systems that were on the Nordic Cleantech Open top 25 list 2013/14.

Other exciting clantech companies at the new top 33 list are:







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