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Malmö Smart City Award

The Winner of Malmö  Smart City Award 2018 is Revealed!

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The Malmö  Smart City Award is an outstanding opportunity for innovative and entrepreneurial companies addressing environmental problems in the built environment. This could be a number of areas including, better building materials, energy efficiency in buildings, energy generation in cities and more. It is an opportunity to profile your company and to gain access to project purchasers, planners, and contractors. In addition you will be presented to international cleantech investors through a simultaneous participation in the Nordic Cleantech Open competition.

What is it About?

The city of Malmö is well known for their proactive and progressive plans and actions for a more sustainable city. Part of this is the built environment where there are high set goals when it comes both to new development and renovation of existing buildings. Malmö is not always content with “best available technology” but also on the outlook for “next available technology”. This is why it is relevant for Malmö to hold this competition. All actors in the building sector should be interested in new technology and methods to improve their performance and the performance of their products. The Malmö  Smart City Award gathers a number of the major, more forward, actors in the sector with the aim to introduce new and more sustainable technology in their  practices. There is no cash first price in the Malmö  Smart City Award, but the real value lies in the profiling opportunity and business contacts that are created. Malmö  Smart City Award is cooperation between Malmö City and Nordic Cleantech Open.

The Jury

The jury of Malmö  Smart City Award is set up of people in a position to introduce new technology to the organizations they represent. They come from relevant city offices and from leading building companies, property owners and other large actors in the sector. The jury will have a look at what you do, evaluate if it is something they may try or buy and if nothing else provide you with some useful feedback on how you may improve your offer.

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