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By Tanja Tanskanen

One finalist from each Nordic country selected to compete in Global Ideas Contest in San Jose, California

Nordic Cleantech Open, the newly launched Nordic competition for Cleantech start-ups, is also appointing the country finalists from the five Nordic countries to the Global Ideas competition final that takes place in San Jose, California on the 17th of November. Our Selection process is now finished and we are very happy to have found five outstanding country winners among many great early entrants to the Nordic Cleantech Open.

The Winning teams are:

From Sweden:
Ecospark. Ecospark develops a new superior type of LED chips based on a Zink oxide semiconductor and nano wires. The chips will emit a high quality light spectrum similar to the sun at with very low energy consumption compared to light output. The manufacturing costs for the chip will also be 8 to 10 times lower than conventional technology.

From Denmark:
Abeo. Super-light building structures using various types of lightweight concrete that support a skeleton of strong concrete is the innovative idea that is introduced by Abeo. This method can typically save 30-50% of material costs in buildings. The technique also has several other benefits and opens up for new exciting architectural possibilities.

From Norway:
PontoonPower. Has developed a concept for a floating wave energy converter based on working pontoons, hydraulic pumping cylinders, hydroelectric turbine and generator mounted on a patent pending ballasting and load-bearing structure. The construction is relatively large scale with a production capacity of 15-20 megawatt. Energy production is estimated to be profitable compared other renewable offshore energy sources.

From Finland:
ZenRobotics. Have invented a robotic waste sorting system. Built with off the shelf industrial robotics components, the system utilizes biomimetic artificial intelligence to separate raw materials from construction and demolition waste (CND).

From Iceland:
RemakeElectrics. ReMake offer the public and SMEs an economical energy consumption monitoring system that can inform about real-time electrical load by a simple technique. This creates new opportunities in energy savings, electrical safety and in efficient electrical operation management.

By Tanja Tanskanen

Leading group of Industrials and Venture capitalists forms Nordic Cleantech Open Advisory Board

A group of individuals with key positions in their respective industry have entered into an advisory board for Nordic Cleantech Open.

Highly useful because of their knowledge and networks, by taking a seat on this board the group makes a clear statement as to the importance of Nordic cleantech start-up growth.

Alexander Bigge Lidgren of Nordic Cleantech Open comments:

By Tanja Tanskanen

Big interest and high quality on incoming applicants!

As applications are lining up we are starting to get an idea of what will be seen in the final selection. Ecospark is one of the early applicants. They are also a good example so we made an interview with them that you can watch on our Video section. The video will also be displayed in the player at the front page. They have an innovative technology that radically cuts costs and improves the quality of lights in LED

By Tanja Tanskanen

Autodesk sponsors 25 finalists of the Nordic Cleantech Open with software at a value of up to 120.000 Euro each

Nordic Cleantech Open is proud to announce that Autodesk, a leading provider of 2D and 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, will be sponsoring the finalists in a grand manner.

The top 25 entrants to the competition will all be accepted in the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program. In this programme Autodesk is supplying up-and-coming cleantech companies with the tools and technologies they need to visualize their ideas, design, engineer, and successfully bring their clean technologies to market. Participants can choose from a collection of Autodesk

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