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Top 25

The Nordic Cleantech Open aims to highlight the  new innovative cleantech startups in the Nordic and Baltic regions. In each competition cycle, the Top 25  most exciting and promising companies are chosen by our jury. Below are Top25 startups of the  cycle 2017-2018, which were chosen from 100+ companies.


Developed a logistics platform that can optimize the efficiency of transport fleets in real time. Their solution can automatically allocate each delivery, and schedule and route to the most suitable courier. Maximizes the capacity and efficiency of each vehicle, reduces CO2 emissions and congestion in cities. 


Has developed a new type of mineral material, which is non-toxic, zero VOC, non-allergic, low CO2 and decreases the speed of biodegradation for the paint. Paint lasts longer, humans stay healthier and no toxic biocides and heavy metals are needed in paint and building materials.


New nozzle that uses 98 % less water than a regular tap. Retrofit your faucet. Take water and energy costs down. Mitigate stress to water resources.

Altum Technologies

Uses power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment. No production stoppages, no equipment disassembly, no hazardous chemicals. Improved production flow and reduced energy costs! 

Apparkingspot Nordic

AirBnB for renting and sharing parking spots between organizations, individuals and companies. Sensor technology automatically rents out the spot. Users can search and rent vacant spots via the app or web, and they can get navigated to the spot. Less driving, less CO2 emissions, easier EV charging.

APR Technologies

They bring diaelectric liquid cooling technology from space crafts into electric vehicle (EV) battery system. Less material and power consumption, no vibrations, long lifetime and easy to recycle. Is the final EV breakthrough here? 

Blue Impact

Develops a technology for cleaning up marine oil spills. They use high-pressure jets to break oil into microscopic particles, so they can be efficiently degraded by naturally occurring bacteria in the water column. The method does not  use chemicals and it reduces the logistics needed for treating oil spills.

C-Green Technology

Their technology turns wastewater sludge into an inert and odor-free bio-coal fuel product. The final product has no chemicals, biological safety hazards, micro plastics or pharmaceutical residue. The  phosphorus recovery rate is up to 90% . Solution for municipalities and industries, especially for pulp and paper industry.


Makes industrial assets intelligent in demanding environments, such as energy and process industries. Distributed Intelligence based on edge-computing technology, micro-application architecture and a device cloud level platform. Optimizes and extends the asset life.

Donkey Republic

Offers a low-cost and convenient bike sharing service by using smart, bluetooth locks and rental via users’ phone. The rental method decreases operational costs and increases user convenience, as the customers can book a bike one night ahead, and then keep the bike during the day.


Software for monitoring and optimizing electricity use. The system collects data on energy consumption, smart home appliances and weather. It uses machine learning and provides feedback to users, e.g. appliances in need of maintenance or about to fail, solar panels being overshadowed or in need of cleaning. 


Recovers energy from the ventilation system of restaurants by deploying condensation, which offers average energy savings of about 250,000 kWh per restaurant. Reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions.


Developed an organic solar cell with the best market efficiency indoors. For example, can power sensors developed for indoor Internet of Things, thus, replacing batteries. Now scalable and cheap for manufacturing.

Fluid Intelligence

Their software enables real-time oil condition monitoring, data storage and analysis, changing how heavy industry and logistics use lubrication oil. Companies can foresee problems with their lubrication oils earlier, maximize operational reliability, cut oil waste by over 50% and cut costs.


New ionic graphene nanocomposite for heat management (as a starter). 180 % higher thermal conductivity than other materials, low dry friction, self-lubricating, self-cooling and lightweight. Reduced energy consumption and longer lifetime for electronics.

Heimdall Power

Provides power grid owners and utilities the data required to operate the grid safely and efficiently with their ‘neuron to neuron’ communication solution attached to power lines. Helps to use the power line capacity to its maximum.


Retrofittable sensors, which collect data on energy, and software to control the central heating system with cloud-based models are the core of Leanheat’s system. The system allowed for an average energy saving of 13% by the end of 2016.


Wood-based material replacing plastics in carrier bags and flexible packaging. Bio-degradable, recyclable, convertible and versatile. Broad product development roadmap and possibilities to replace oil-based alternatives.

Parking Energy

Provides a holistic cloud-based solution for Electrical Vehicles (EV) charging for large carparks and other venues where cars are parked for a long period of time. Has developed solutions for identification, authorization, metering, reporting, billing, electric load, grid load, etc. Cost-effective and flexible.

Phoenix BioPower

Developing a technology converting biomass to power at twice the efficiency of conventional steam cycle technology. With their method, biomass is gasified at very high pressure, and the product gas is fed to a gas turbine for energy production. Replaces coal in fossil power and CHP plants.


Produces bio polyol, a key raw material in the polyurethane industry. The production process uses renewable resources (natural oils), and creates no waste or hazardous emissions (zero VOCs). Their customers can be more independent from crude oil, and reduce their carbon footprint, catalyst amounts and production costs.

Smart Plants

Software to connect everything in the infrastructure and extract and analyze the Internet of Things data for building management and factories. Reduce energy consumption, reduce machinery downtime and optimize production flow. Can be installed over existing systems.


The solar tracker system provides accurate and real-time solar and environmental data, correcting and adapting the position of the solar panels, and boosting significantly their energy production.


Combine flywheel energy storage, magnetic levitation and brushless motors and you get a breakthrough storage system for variable renewables. Low levelized cost of energy (LCOE), fast response time, usable for grid scale energy storage applications and less greenhouse gas emissions.


Water-saving on the go carwash. The service allows users to order a carwash through their app, to the location where the vehicle is parked. Woshapp then sends an agent to do the job (by bike!), and save approximately 200 litres of water per car washed with their liquid solution.