Nordic Cleantech OpenNordic Cleantech Open
Learn from the experiences of previous NCO winners

The Pitch

Perfecting the pitch is one of the key elements for any startup. Even for innovative technologies or ideas – a good pitch might be the difference between getting that investment in or not. We at Cleantech Scandinavia have seen our fair share of companies pitching their products and ideas to investors throughout the years. For that reason, we have put together some pointers to help newer companies get into the game. Here are the suggested content and guiding questions, adapted from the NABC-method by the Stanford Research Institute:

  • Need / Problem: What is the market need that you aim to satisfy? Who is the most important customer whose problem you want to address?
  • Approach / Solution: How do you intend to tackle or solve that need? What is your business model?
  • Benefit / USP (Unique Selling Proposition): What are the benefits of your solution? What is the value to the customer, to your company and to the investor?
  • Competition: What does the competition look like and what does your solution bring to the table that the others lack? What are the innovative elements of the business idea that makes your idea different from the rest?
  • Market: How large is that market and what share are you aiming to obtain? What is your go-to market strategy? Do you have market traction already? Do you have any reference cases or ongoing projects validating your idea?
  • Your team
  • Financials (if applicable: sales 2018, expected sales 2019, 2020… Ongoing and future financial rounds)
  • How much capital are you looking for and what will it be used for? (e.g. for marketing, industrial partners, distribution etc.)

The Competition

As part of the Nordic Cleantech Open, we provide all companies that reach Top 25 with a professional pitch training session right before Trolleholm.

Here you can get a taste of the competition with the pitches of the winner and runner-up of last year’s edition.

Altered - Winner 2017/2018

Heimdall Power - Runner-up 2017/2018