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Top 25

The Nordic Cleantech Open aims to highlight the new innovative cleantech startups in the Nordic and Baltic regions. In each competition cycle, the Top 25  most exciting and promising companies are chosen by our jury. Below are Top25 startups of the cycle 2018-2019, which were chosen out of 116 applicants.

Battery Intelligence Oy Develops a solution to analyze the usage of batteries, battery condition, energy use and transform the insights into savings in battery fleet management, maintenance, replacements, and energy use.

BlueBenu Develops a technology to recover the plastic waste that cannot be recycled into new valuable products. The company works on a case-based approach, developing both large-scale plants and modular & container-sized units.

Cellugy Offers flexible packaging biofilms with comparable performance to conventional plastics, i.e. transparent, flexible, resistant to temperature & water, food-grade and cost-competitive, while being sustainable sourced and harmless to the environment.

Curious AI The company builds easy to use tools for intelligent automation. Their AI solutions offer immediate savings over existing IT systems and processes. And the new intelligence unlocks completely new business opportunities.

EEE Innovations Oy Offers software-based solutions for safer, more ecological and economical heavy traffic. The solution collects data from heavy vehicles, refines it in the company’s cloud solution and then sells it back to data collectors, road maintenance operators, logistics companies and insurance companies.

Einride Provides transportation as a service, based on all-electric, autonomous vehicles, or “T-pods”. Connected to an intelligent routing software, providing it with real-time traffic data, the T-pod can adjust its route to avoid congestion, optimizing battery use and delivery time.

ELONROAD Developed an electric road and a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles which charges electric vehicles both when parked and while driving with an effect of up to 150kW. A pickup under the vehicle connects to a conductive rail laid on top of the road, which only becomes active when a vehicle is on top, making it safe in a city environment.

GrainSense Developed the world’s first hand-held device for grain quality measurement. For the first time, farmers, seed producers and plant breeders will be able to instantly and rapidly measure the key parameters (protein, moisture, oil, and carbohydrate content) of their crops in the field and make decisions that can improve profitability.

Improbed Developed a concept that enables circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers to be operated more efficiently by introducing a new bed material that significantly improves the oxygen distribution in the boiler, with no hardware investments.

IPM - Intelligente Pollutant Monitoring Develops a new low-cost flexible online pesticide sensor that can be used on fields, in groundwater, at waterworks and wells. It can replace costs in expensive samplings as well as laboratory tests.

Koepala Packaging Oy Develops innovative packaging solutions for takeaway food. The flat and functional products made out of the latest biodegradable and compostable materials help food-service and retail businesses to provide their customers with convenient and sustainable meal experiences.

Linc Systems Aps Develops a breakthrough electrical spectrum analyser that, from a single point of installation in any building, monitors individual appliances at an unprecedented 96% accuracy. A plug-and-play device captures uniquely detailed building data, and cloud-based algorithms deliver appliance-level analytics and predictive maintenance.

Moving Floor AB Provides automatic cleaning for livestock such as pigs and cows through a system of self-cleaning floors that consist of modular endless belts which get automatically cleaned as they rotate. By using this system farms can reduce water usage, air pollution as well as antibiotic usage.

Nordetect Developed a Lab-on-a-Chip analysis system that allows farmers to make on-farm, rapid measurements of the nutritional content of soil and plant tissue in order to check the nutrient balance and use the optimal amount of fertilizer.

Passenger One AB Created the world’s first application that enables dynamic carpooling, on-demand in real-time. It makes transportation effortless, cost effective and environmentally friendly by using existing vehicle capacity.

Plafco Fibertech Offers a non-toxic cost-efficient bio-based, biodegradable and recyclable material aiming to replace plastic products. The core product of the Plafco Fibertech is the technology transferring paper to cellulosic composites at high capacity and availability.

Sensonomic Improves how challenges in harvesting and logistics are solved through advanced data acquisition and computational simulations. With the software solutions one is able to make predictive and prescriptive decisions, thus staying ahead of the field.

SFTec The main product ModHeat (Modular Heating) is a patented, modular and mobile industrial dryer, which enables economical and efficient utilization of unused, excess industrial waste heat to dry all kinds of materials.

Simplex Motion AB Develops a smart and compact integrated servomotor, making use of a patented sensor technology. The servomotor offers a very powerful motion control capability at the same time as its weight and size is only up to half of other integrated motors on the market.

Soil Steam International AS Soil Steam International is the first company in the world who has made a machine that manages to kill between 90 and 100% of all weed, seeds, fungus and harmful pathogens in the soil in a sustainable process by using steam.

Solar Water Solutions Develops a reverse osmosis technology for producing drinking water with low operating expenses and no CO2 emissions. The desalination system is fully solar, independent of external energy sources and easy-to-use and maintain.

SurfCleaner Develops an unparalleled, efficient and proven product that eliminates and separates pollutants from water surface for a vast variety of contaminants, such as oil, diesel, petrol, plastic litter, sludge, microplastics and many more.

TotalCtrl Develops a software that helps grocery stores to eliminate food waste by tracking expiration dates. The software is fully optimized for cloud operation and designed to work on any device, empowering grocery retailers to take control over their operations and reach their full potential.

Vultus AB Vultus offers a satellite system for precision farming. The technology enables farmers around the world to grow healthier plants at a lower cost and significantly reduces environmental harm. Their solution help farmers combat over-fertilization of the soils.

Whywaste AB Works with data driven solutions to reduce food waste: Semafor is a solution to reduce waste for consumer packaged goods at food retailers and Semafor Deli is a digital tracking system for deli counters that ensures traceability and allows for full control of products in the counter.